Interview with Former Milwaukee Brewers’ Draft Pick Scott Grist chatted with Scott Grist a few days after his release from the Milwaukee Brewers’ organization. He was drafted in the 38th round of the 2015 Major League Baseball Draft by the Brewers.  Grist spent two steady years in the Brewers’ farm system. He went 7-4 with a 2.71 ERA last season for the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers. Unfortunately, he was unable to turn around a rough start to the 2017 season with the Carolina Mudcats and was released midseason. He was candid about his release and shared about his life on and off the diamond. Hopefully, this is not the last we hear from Scott Grist, as he will get another opportunity in Minor League Baseball.


TMN: Scott, you were recently released by the Brewers, do you plan to pursue other opportunities in baseball?

SG: At this time, unless contacted by another MLB organization, I will not be pursuing any other baseball opportunities.


TMN: You pitched well last season, were you surprised by the organization’s decision?

SG: A little bit, but not completely. Baseball is a performance based business and this season I did not perform, plain and simple.


TMN: Explain the process of being released (if you don’t mind)?

SG: It’s pretty simple, the coach calls you in, tells you that the organization has decided to go in a different direction, and wish you the best of luck. Obviously, there is other small talk in there, but that is the gist of it.


TMN: What’s next for you?

SG: Next my fiancé and I will be heading back to Texas and I will start looking for a job in the real world.


TMN: What was your best memory as a member of the Brewers’ organization?

SG: Best memory of being a Brewer is the day I became one. Getting drafted was a lifelong dream and to accomplish that was something I can’t even put into words.


TMN: Who was your favorite teammate(s) within the organization?

SG: There were no bad teammates on any of the teams that I had a chance to play on so I can’t pick just a couple.


TMN: Do you think you will stay in contact with him/them?

SG: I plan on staying in contact with as many guys as I possibly can. Baseball is a brotherhood that hopefully will last through my entire life, playing or not.


TMN: What do you know about Milwaukee Brewers’ legend Robin Yount?

SG: Not as much as I probably should have being on the Brewers. The main thing I know is he is known as the greatest Brewer of all time.


TMN: What is your best pitch and how did you learn to throw it?

SG: Best pitch was probably my slider. Given my arm angle it had a lot of sweep to it, so if thrown in the right place at the right time, I believe, it was almost un-hittable.


TMN: How fast do you throw on a good day?

SG: On a good day I would get up to 93. I touched 94 2 times last year so everything must have lined up perfectly on those couple pitches.


TMN: What is your routine on a day that you are pitching?

SG: Given that I was a reliever for my pro career, I did not know exactly when I was pitching so I tried to keep it the same almost every day. Being very superstitious, my throwing partner, Nate Griep and I would do the exact same thing at the beginning and end of throwing program and then we would sit in the same spots in the bullpen every game. There is other little stuff, but those are the big ones.


TMN: What is your best all-time baseball memory?

SG: My greatest baseball memory would be graduating college and throwing a complete game to help our team get into the postseason on the same day. Pretty special.


TMN: What did you study at Texas State University?

SG: I studied marketing at Texas State.


TMN: Why did you choose to attend TSU?

SG: I chose Texas State because of the baseball program and how beautiful the campus and city of San Marcos was.


TMN: What is your proudest life accomplishment (teacher question)?

SG: My proudest accomplishment would probably be getting drafted and fulfilling my lifelong dream of becoming a professional baseball player.


TMN: Who is your mentor or biggest teacher in life and why?

SG: My biggest teacher in life would be my mother. Not only because she is a teacher, but because she taught me to give everything I’ve got 100% of the time cause you never know who is watching or when it will be your last time for something.

TMN: Do you have any hobbies?

SG: I’m a big time golfer.


TMN: What is something on your bucket list?

SG: Something on my bucket list would be traveling the world.


TMN: Who was your childhood idol (athlete/celebrity)?

SG: My childhood idol was Jeff Bagwell. I wore 5 almost my entire life because of him.

TMN: What is your favorite breakfast cereal?

SG: Favorite breakfast cereal would have to be Lucky Charms.

TMN: What is your brand of sneakers?

SG: Brand of sneakers would be either Nike or Adidas.


TMN: What kind of glove do you use?

SG: I used a Rawlings Pro Preferred for the last couple years of pro ball.

TMN: Who is your favorite cartoon character(s)?

SG:  My favorite cartoon characters growing up were the Power Rangers. I dressed up as a different one almost every Halloween when I was young.

TMN: Who is your favorite musical group?

SG: I can’t really pick a favorite music group. I like rap, country, rock, pretty much all music so it’s hard to pick a single one.

TMN: What is your favorite sport/team/player?

SG: Favorite sport is football, team is Houston Texans, and player is Andre Johnson.

TMN: Beer, Cheese, or bratwurst

SG: I gotta go with Cheese! I could eat it with almost anything!

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